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Them Bones - Alice in Chains

Photo by Karen Mason Blair, graphic and animation by MusicBankChristy

Hi, everyone!!!  Welcome (or welcome back) to Layne the Legend! Some of you may remember this site back in the day.  I can't believe it's been offline for nearly a decade.  So much has changed since I last had this site up.  There are so many sources and such a wealth of information out there about Layne on Google and social media.  This intention of this site is simply to serve as my personal tribute to a friend and one of the greatest and heartfelt vocalists of all time!

Disclaimer:  I try to credit most photos but many are from the web and from an unknown source.  If you see a photo I have used that belongs to you and you wish to be credited, please email me and I will do so.  However, many of these photos have been circulating for years without credit all over the internet.  The personal photos are the ones I'm really concerned about crediting.  

This site is best viewed on a desktop computer or iPad, however, it has been designed with Smartphones in mind.


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