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Seattle Center Fountain Vigils - April 2002

Am I Inside - Alice in Chains
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April 20, 2002


Me and my sister attended the first vigil that was held the Seattle Center fountain. That was where we first met Layne's Mom Nancy. She had flowers cradled in her arm. My sister and I introduced ourselves and told her we knew Layne a long time ago. She was glad we were there. All the Alice in Chains members were there, including both Mike's. We first ran into Jerry who was walking around with his brother David. We offered our condolences to Jerry, who was eating cotton candy. I kinda looked at him weird and he said, "I need my sugar fix." That's understandable because he had probably been up all night and then flew to Seattle for the vigil. Next we ran into Mike Starr. He was really upset. He said he remembered me from back in the day and wanted my number so we could go out to lunch and talk. Chris Cornell walked by us. He nodded and smiled but it took us awhile to figure out who it was. The blonde hair threw us off. We didn't really know Chris that well at all. Then later a whole group of people were standing around Nancy. Sean Kinney and Mike Inez were there. Sean was trying very hard to keep things lighthearted. He told Nancy he was going to get her some male strippers. He made her laugh. Then he turned to David Cantrell and said, "Hey, do you like her?" He was pointing at me! I was thinking WTF is going on here? Lol! But that's the way Sean was trying to cope I guess. Inez was standing next to me smoking a cigarette. He asked me if it was okay and said, "Yes, we are outside, duh!" Then I asked him if I could touch his hair. He said sure! It was so much lighter than it looked. Later that night, me and my sister went to the Mecca Cafe nearby and Sean, Jerry  and Mike Inez were there.  Inez smiled and asked if we wanted to sit down at his table but we went to the bar to get a drink. Sean Kinney approached the bar and was noticeably drunk at that point  He looked at me and said "You're pretty, ...for a girl!" Then he turned around and walked into the other part of the cafe.  I remember an AC/DC song came on and Sean and Jerry were singing along. After awhile Rick and Raj Parachar picked them up from the Mecca in a limo.  Everyone left. 

April 26, 2002

My sister and I attended this vigil as well.  This time there were more people there and Nancy was there again. There were lots of candles lit and people leaving letters for Layne.  It was beautiful.  I believe it rained a bit that night as well.  There were people playing acoustic guitars and singing Alice and Mad Season songs. 

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