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Alice in Chains

Even know I knew Layne, it took awhile for Alice in Chains to grow on me.  I was still into the whole hair band thing! But once they grew on me, I absolutely loved them!


Alice in Chains was formed in 1987. Their debut album, Facelift, featuring the hit single "Man In The Box", was released in 1990 and has been certified double-platinum by the RIAA, selling over two million copies. In 1992, the band's second album, Dirt, was released to critical acclaim and was certified quadruple platinum.  The band carried on without Layne and have released three studio albums with singer William DuVall. 

For a complete biography, discography , book, and a fun song writing credit analysis, click the links below.

Photos of Alice in Chains with Layne

Alice in Chains Wikipedia Bio

Alice in Chains Complete Discography

Alice In Chains - Facelift.jpg

Recommended Book about AIC


Click below for a fun AIC song writing credit anlysis - Thanks to Maryelle for the find.

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