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The Music Bank

This is were Layne lived, praticed and worked back in the late 80s.  I remember how cool it was to arrive down there and hear the sounds of feedback and drums.  I remember opening he door and taking a step down once entering the door.  To the left was the office. There was a TV and a couch in the office.  I remember watching the Cosby Show a lot.  There was a huge Rolodex on the desk with all the bands names and phone numbers ...and a sign in sheet.  I remember the gigantic key ring with all the keys to the rooms that Layne (or whomever was working) would carry around with them.  There were vending machines and a couple pinball machines in the lobby. I remember seeing Layne's clothes folded neatly on the end of the couch in Alice N' Chains' practice room.  I spent a lot of time down here primarily in early 1987 but originally went down there to watch band practices in 1986 when it was called 'Round the Sound.  This place will always be very near and dear to me even though it has been torn down and they are building something else at the site. 


Alice in Chain's box set, is named Music Bank, as a tribute to this place.

The video on this page was aired on King 5 news and includes footage of The Music Bank.


Here are two articles written by Jenny Bendel while at The Music Bank.  The first article is co-owner of the Music Bank's band at the time, Father Says.  The singer of Father Says, Billy Burke, went on to play Bella's Dad in the Twilight movies.  The second article is about Sleze from 1986.

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