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Sleze/Alice N' Chains

Sleze/Alice N' Chains will always be near and dear to my heart.  I had a blast hanging out with them watching many of their practices at the Music Bank (and even playing drums at one of them thanks to James, who was my best friend back then) and going onstage as a "football girl" with 4 other girls at the Kane Hall show on June 6, 1987.  Great memories for sure!

Layne talking to crowd - Sleze/Alice N Chains
Below is an interview by Jeff Gilbert that I taped from the radio back in June 1987.
KCMU Johnny & Layne - Jeff Gilbert

From the movie Father Rock

Tim Branom was the one who sent me a copy of Father Rock video tape back in 2000.  It hadn't been seen before by most so I uploaded some video stills from the movie to my original Layne the Legend site.  Since then, the main character of the movie uploaded the entire movie. It is on YouTube and there are two parts.  Below is a clip from the movie.  The song is actually Gypsy Rose's In for Trouble, which was originally a song by the band Juvenile back in 1985.  Layne goes by Candy Layne in this movie.  Tim Branom, his girlfriend Tayna (RIP), James Bergstrom and his girlfriend Tracy, and Morgen Gallagher also make appearances in the movie other than the shots of them onstage.

Sleze/Alice N'Chains first demo tape.  Layne gave me a copy of it that still had Sleze instead of Alice N' Chains as the band name but someone stole it from my sister's house back in 1994. 

Click the image to link to the fully story behind the first demo by Tim Branom.

Sleze art.jpg
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